Candid Co v Smile Direct Club

It was once unthinkable to straighten a crooked smile without having to walk around with a mouth full of metal. With advances in dentistry, orthodontics, and 3D printing technology, there are now many options for straightening teeth at home using clear aligners. But which of these snappy, hassle-free companies actually offers the best bang for your buck?

You may have heard the buzz about Candid Co vs Smile Direct Club. Both are top-rated services for straightening teeth. Each company offers at-home starter kits, in case customers can’t make it to one of their brick-and-mortar locations to have their teeth scanned. After that, those who desire straight teeth will receive a series of clear aligner trays in the mail.

With remote guidance, most customers can expect to complete their treatments over six months. These quick results, using invisible liners that can be worn discreetly to work and everywhere, have made both services extremely popular.

At first glance, these companies seem to have very similar models. You can find the most significant differences by looking closely at the manufacturing technology and the level of expertise that goes into creating each type of custom aligner. If you’re deciding between Candid Co vs Smile Direct Club, check out each service’s details to find the best investment for your future smile.

Candid Co Benefits

Candid Co has built a business model on combining cutting-edge technology with the highest quality materials. An optical laser scan makes a detailed map of the surface of your mouth. Then, an expert reviews it and designs your custom aligner tray. Candid Co does not partner with dentists, preferring only to work with highly trained orthodontists.

Candid Co’s 3D printed trays are manufactured by ClearCorrect, a competitor of Invisalign that partners with thousands of dentists worldwide. All of Candid Co’s aligners are made from a cutting-edge material called Zendura, a BPA-free plastic with no phthalates or parabens.

Candid Co delivers all the required aligner trays for a treatment in one box. As the customer moves through the alignment process, orthodontists are available 24/7 to check-in and answer questions, even on holidays. The cost of a Candid Co treatment starts at $2,400.

Smile Direct Club Benefits

Founded in 2014, Smile Direct Club was an early competitor to the Invisalign treatment that initially dominated the at-home aligner market. Smile Direct Club made its name by offering a less expensive service, using either a scan or an at-home impression to design trays. All of Smile Direct’s custom aligners are made from BPA-free plastic. Smile Direct Club also partners with both dentists and orthodontists to consult with customers and review each custom tray.

Smile Direct Club has not always manufactured its trays. The company previously partnered with Invisalign but has since pivoted to printing all aligners in-house.

Custom aligner kits are sent out one at a time, like a mail subscription box, whenever the customer is ready to progress to the next tray. They offer support from customer care specialists throughout the alignment process. Forbes reports that the total cost of Smile Direct Club ranges from $1,850 – $2,265.

Which is Best?

When choosing between Candid Co vs Smile Direct Club, it’s helpful to look at each company’s standard of customer care. Candid Co offers reviews and expertise only from highly trained orthodontists, while Smile Direct Club partners with dentists. Candid Co also has a higher manufacturing standard by partnering with ClearCorrect.

Another critical difference between Candid Co vs Smile Direct Club is the way each aligner kit is delivered. If you’d like to receive all of your trays upfront, rather than waiting for the mail to arrive before you can progress to the next step, Candid Co is the best option for you.

The overall costs of the services are similar, but Candid Co is slightly more expensive. If you aren’t interested in the advanced Zendura material or having a staff of orthodontists on call, you may opt for Smile Direct Club to save a few bucks.

While both companies offer a path to straight teeth using cutting-edge technology, Candid Co provides a better quality product at a slightly higher cost. If you still can’t decide between Candid Co vs Smile Direct Club, both companies offer at-home test kits to see for yourself. With all these advances in clear alignment options, getting a straighter smile has never been more convenient.