Flexible Partial Dentures – How Much Do They Cost in the UK?

Flexible dentures are a simple solution to a problem that is most likely inevitable for many people. If you are in the UK and wondering where to begin, you’ve come to the right place.


What Are Flexible or Chrome Dentures?

Flexible dentures are also called chrome dentures because they are made of the metal chromium. Now, it’s not pure chromium but an alloy of chromium with cobalt. These two metals have been chosen for this purpose because they are sturdy and hence a popular choice in the manufacturing of prosthetics.

One of the biggest advantages is that the alloy does not cause reactions when it comes into contact with the body. That is important because there are many tissues in the oral cavity of human beings which are sensitive. Any untoward reactions can be greatly painful.

Allergies and poisonings are extremely painful, and with this alloy, that is not a possibility. That is why the cobalt-chromium allow is also a popular pick for dental crowns.

It has a metal frame that keeps the artificial teeth intact and you won’t see a metallic implant peeking out in an unappetizing fashion.


How Much Do Flexible Dentures Cost in the UK?

There are many different types of dentures and oftentimes choosing the right one also takes the budget into account. The first step in that process is to identify if the requirement is that of partial or full dentures. Apart from this, the cost also varies depending upon the number of trips you will have to make to the dentist and also the material of the dentures.

Typically, chromium and acrylic are chosen. The former cost more than the latter because it is not plastic, which is cheaper and is made of metal.

The cost of these dentures could range from £600 to £1,500. The window here is so wide because you might need anywhere from five to 10 teeth.

More often than not, chromium dentures are not used for a full set of dentures because this model requires you to have some teeth.

Now, about the charges regarding the visit to the dentist. You will be paying for an initial consultation, the measurements of the dentures and the actual fitting sessions which could be one to three.

Still, this isn’t a lot compared to how much you would pay if you were getting implants.

In the UK, you can look at the costs per arch and the starting price is usually £400 to £600. You might pay almost double that amount depending on the practice of your choice.

Flexible dentures also involve picking a brand that weighs in on the overall cost apart from the factors just mentioned. They might be more expensive than the acrylic ones but they are not unaffordable.

If you get semi-flexible dentures, you will still have to take all these factors into account.


Does NHS Make It Easy?

As a standard, they don’t really get you anything. But some patients who can’t opt for traditional dentures for specific reasons like allergies might get them on NHS. This means you need to have this conversation with your dentist before you choose flexible dentures.

So, typically, you might have to pay £200 to £300 for your dentures. This also depends on your location in the UK. While flexible dentures are worth the money, you have to take all these factors into account before going for them instead of traditional dentures.


What Flexible Dentures Can Do for You

These are a very comfortable choice for senior citizens who need to get their teeth replaced. Falling teeth is a very natural process that comes with ageing. And depending on the bridge isn’t enough after a point.

That is also because dental bridges need anchors at both ends that keep them functional. And if your teeth are weak or if you don’t any, you will need something that supports the bridge.

Implants are actually a great solution too. But you can’t really do that if you have to take care of teeth in the double digits, can you? It’s not just because they are expensive, but also because too much drilling will have to be done into the jaw to make room for them and that’s actually not practically viable.

It also pays to remember that the jawbone also experiences damage in the form of shrinking and loss of mass with age. So, drilling it is not even an option many a time if you are still considering implants.



Dentures, and flexible dentures at that, are easy to get. They have a lot of benefits and are easily done. This is not new technology which means you can rely on them. And most of all, flexible dentures are easy to care for.