How Much Are Private Dentures in the UK?

Dentures or false teeth are the best way by which missing teeth can be replaced. Dentures are essentially removable acrylic or metal frameworks with single or several false teeth.

They are usually custom-made to fit the shape and size of your mouth so that they look and feel as natural and comfortable as possible. So how much do dentures cost in the UK?


Factors Determining the Cost of Dentures in the UK

When you consider getting dentures, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work because dentures need to be customized to meet the specific requirements of the wearer.

When determining which type of denture is right for you, there are a few factors to keep in mind, which will also determine the cost of the dentures including:

  • The number of teeth that need to be replaced
  • Type of denture
  • Material of denture
  • A partial or complete denture
  • Level of customization

Other costs include:

  • Cost of other teeth that must be extracted
  • Price of immediate dentures you need to wear until the permanent dentures are ready
  • Cost for appointments needed for adjustments


Cost of Dentures in the UK

To answer the question, “how much are dentures in the UK?” Well, the average price of the dentures varies and, in this section, we’ll discuss the approximate costs of dentures in the UK if you get them at a private dentist.

These costs are, however, just a general guideline and can vary from one dentist to another and the processes used. It is possible to get dentures at a cheaper price via the NHS, where the one-time fee for dentures is around £270.

The NHS, however, only offers acrylic dentures, which are rather bulky and if you’re looking for other options or permanent implants, then it is best to go to a private clinic.

The biggest advantage of getting your dentures from private dental practice is that you have a vast choice and you can choose from a wide range of options to fit your budget.

You can choose from basic, low-cost dentures that are functional to more technologically advanced options which are more natural-looking, better fitting and more comfortable.

The average cost for a complete set of traditional dentures can range between £270 and £2,500, with the dentures in the lower price range being very basic options and the more expensive dentures being metal or porcelain dentures.

  • Low-Cost Dentures: Low-cost dentures are generally made from cheaper materials and so they may not look very natural and may not be very aesthetically attractive looking. The cost of dentures usually starts at around £355 for partial dentures if you get them privately. The cost for low-cost complete dentures can range between £500 and £700.
  • Mid-Range Dentures: Mid-range dentures are more natural-looking compared to low-cost ones. They are more durable and long-lasting too. The cost of mid-range dentures ranges between £900 and £1,250 for a complete set.
  • Premium Dentures: Made from very high-quality materials, premium range dentures are fully customized to look and feel natural and comfortable. These dentures typically cost more than £1,500.


As discussed earlier, the cost of the dentures in the UK will depend greatly on the type of dentures you want, the process of making the dentures, the materials used to make them and which dentist you go to.

For example, in the UK permanent dentures will cost you much more compared to regular acrylic dentures. In the case of partial dentures, the cost will mainly depend on the complexity, how many teeth need to be replaced, the techniques used and the material of the dentures.

There are many types of partial dentures and you can choose from including plastic or acrylic dentures, metal (cobalt-chrome alloy) dentures or flexible dentures. And, the cost of partial dentures starts from £400 privately.

Compared to regular removable dentures, implant-retained dentures are more expensive because they have components that attach to the dental implants.

They are also made using higher-quality materials, which make the implant-retained dentures stronger and more durable. The cost of implant retained dentures varies between £1,500 and £2,000 for each dental implant.

And, depending on your requirements, the number of implants fixed into your jaw also determines the cost of the dentures. And, for a full jaw, implant-retained dentures can cost up to £14,000.


Ways to Save Money on Dentures

The cost of dentures is expensive in the UK and here are some ways by which you may be able to make things easier and even save on the dental costs.


Dental Insurance

Buy dental insurance for the dental work you require, but do make sure that the insurance plan includes dentures.

Even if the dental insurance plan does include denture costs, most insurance plans have a certain cap on the amount you can claim for the denture cost.

Nevertheless, some saving is better than none at all and even being able to claim some part of the denture cost can ease your financial burden.


Take a Dental Loan

You can take out a personal loan to pay for your dentures. Although in the long run, you may end up spending more but the installments will be spread out over a period of time, making repayment much easier instead of bearing the entire cost upfront.

Taking a dental loan is a good option if you require dentures immediately and you can wait until you have sufficient money saved up to pay the amount.


Payment Plan

The private dental practice you go to may offer a payment plan that can help you pay for the dentures.

You may prefer this as a less risky option compared to a personal loan, but do make sure that the interest rates charged by the dental practice are not very high and you’re able to repay the amount.

Some practices may also offer dental plans that give you discounts on treatments for a monthly fee and this can come in handy when you’re getting dentures or other expensive dental treatments.


Get Your Dentures Abroad

You can consider dental tourism, where you can travel abroad to countries such as Poland, Turkey, India, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica to get expensive dental treatments, including getting dentures, at a much cheaper cost compared to the UK.



In conclusion, getting false teeth or dentures is an expensive option, especially through a private dental practice. But dentures are a necessity, especially if you have missing teeth and can enable you to maintain your quality of life.

And, if you’re looking for high-quality dentures that fit well, are aesthetically natural looking and are comfortable, then getting your dentures at a private dentist, although more expensive, may be a worthwhile investment.