How Much Do Fixed Dentures Cost in the UK?

People lose their teeth for any number of reasons. Once the teeth are lost, they require an efficient replacement to maintain overall health.

Dentures are the most common form of replacement for lost teeth. These prosthetics add a pep to your step and boost smiles and confidence.

However, not all dentures are created equal. While traditional dentures are more widely known, the fixed variety of dentures offers more benefits.

This article will briefly cover fixed dentures and their cost in the UK.

What Are Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures are a solution used to combat problems associated with conventional dentures. They are similar in composition to traditional dentures but vary in their placement.

While removable dentures are simply placed on the gums and rely on your jawbone and suction to stick in place, fixed dentures are securely fixed in place in the mouth with the help of dental implants.

They are lifelike prosthetic teeth that require a professional to attach and remove. You cannot simply remove them at night and pop them in a glass. Fixed dentures might even make you forget that you have dentures.

These dentures are a good treatment option for those who have lost their natural teeth and require a better look and functionality from their false set of teeth. They are a good fit for those who have proper jaw bone support.

Fixed dentures should be taken care of the same way as one would natural teeth.


Benefits of Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures provide the patient with many benefits as opposed to other dental replacement alternatives. These include:

  • Secure. Since fixed dentures rely on implants to stay secured in place, they will not slip or fall out, unlike removable dentures.
  • Natural Appearance. They offer a more realistic look than traditional dentures. Fixed dentures are designed to match your natural bite and look. They maintain the aesthetics of your facial structure and give you a more healthy and natural smile.
  • Healthy Bite. With removable dentures, you have to stay away from a variety of food for fear of denture damage. However, fixed dentures allow you to munch on your favorites with minimal difficulty. There is no fear of dentures coming loose or getting damaged that easily.
  • Improved Speech. Traditional dentures impact speech because they tend to move around. However, fixed dentures are more stable since they are anchored in place. They help improve the wearer’s speech ability and are more comfortable.
  • Bone Preservation. Bone loss is the common course of progression once a person loses teeth and there is no replacement. It continues to wear down without the stimuli of chewing. Traditional dentures worsen this bone loss.

    However, fixed dentures offer more support as replacement teeth. They help preserve and stimulate the growth of bone. This helps maintain the facial structure and prevents the appearance of premature aging.

  • Durable and Cost-Effective. Fixed dentures have a long lifespan if properly taken care of. They are extremely durable compared to conventional dentures and are a cost-effective method of treatment.


Cost of Fixed Dentures in the UK

The cost of fixed dentures varies across dentists and clinics. It is dependent upon several factors such as the quality of implants and dentures, the number of implants required, etc. The cost also includes follow-ups and the cost of temporary and permanent dentures.

Most dental implants do not fall under the cover of NHS and require private funding. If you have a dental plan on your insurance that includes implants, you are likely to benefit from it.

Fixed dentures can cost from £1,000 onwards per implant, with additional cost for the dentures. Some clinics offer a combined cost per jaw of £7,000 in the UK.

You will have to get a final quote from your clinic before you leap into the treatment. However, this remains the least expensive treatment for replacing missing teeth. It is also cost-effective since they last up to a decade or more with proper care.


The Final Word

Fixed dentures offer a natural-looking alternative to the traditional false set of teeth. They are quite stable and comfortable. They offer many benefits, including improving a person’s confidence.

The cost of fixed dentures in the UK is dependent upon many factors. An estimated cost per jaw is up to £7,000 in a private setting. However, if your insurance supports the dental plan, it is likely you can lower this cost.

They are, by far, the most cost-effective treatment method for those who want to replace an entire mouth of teeth.