What Is The Best Bone Graft Material For Dental Implants?

If you are about to receive a dental implant, the topic of bone grafts might come up during your consultation. Bone grafts might be necessary for the procedure to be successful, and it is normal for you to be nervous. The process of bone grafting is a standard dental practice that is consistent, predictable, and painless.

Why are bone grafts required?

Bone grafting is necessary for people who are deficient in the number of natural healthy bones in their mouth that support dental implants. So, what issues cause your mouth not to have enough healthy bone material? Many times, it is influenced by:

  • Gum disease
  • Empty spaces after teeth have been removed
  • Developmental defects
  • Face trauma or injury

When it comes to dental implants, people who have a lost tooth may require a bone graft to complete a dental implant. When this issue occurs, your socket could get impacted, or the lost tooth could be the incorrect size to accommodate a replacement.

This is not to say that bone grafts are required for everyone who needs a dental implant. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with your dentist or surgeon and then lay out a solid game plan. Here, you can decide on the need for a bone graft, and then narrow down options for the best bone graft material for a dental implant.

What is involved in a bone graft procedure?

Bone grafting is a surgery that utilizes transplanted bone to rebuild and repair destroyed or diseased bones. Bone grafts are a valid option for restoring bones in all parts of your body. This type of procedure is useful with dental implants, and you should consult your surgeon on the best bone graft material for a dental implant. Various types of bone grafts could get implemented, including:

  • Socket graft – the most used bone graft that helps prevent possible atrophy of the alveolar bone
  • Lateral ridge preservation graft – this type of graft helps widen the jawbone to facilitate a dental implant successfully
  • Block bone graft – a kind of bone graft used when there are significant defects in your jawbone

What types of material are used?

It is a thoughtful process to determine the best bone graft material for a dental implant. The first type of material is autograph, which comes directly from the patient. Since there are living cells in these bone grafts, there will be beneficial growth factors involved. There is also a zero chance of disease transmission with this type since it does not come from an external source.

Allografts, which come from other humans, are another useful option for the procedure. Although there is a risk of disease transmission, allografts are effective as shells and promote healthy bone growth on the surface. Lastly, xenografts, which come from other species, are also like human bone grafts in volume stability. They also contain collagen, which is a crucial accelerator in bone formation.