Clear Choice Dental Implants

Clear Choice provides dental implants and orthodontic solutions to patients with a variety of dental and oral problems. They offer all kinds of dental implants, including ceramic, titanium and dentures.

The Process

Clear Choice starts the tooth replacement process with a consultation. Those interested in the services they offer will sit down with a specialist and discuss their options. They will look at what might be involved in having their teeth replaced and talk about price, timeframe and the different choices available to the customer.

The consultation is completely free and can be carried out at any one of the many clear choice facilities across the country. After the consultation, follow up visits will be scheduled. The patient will have to come in to have pictures of their teeth taken as well as molds. This will help the specialists determine what the best approach is to replace teeth and ensure they are able to create teeth that match what was there previously for a more natural look.

It can take several weeks to create the new teeth from the molds. These teeth may be dentures made of ceramic or even titanium. They are made to appear identical to the previous teeth and to fit comfortably in the mouth.

Now there are a few options when it comes to securing the new teeth in place. Clear Choice specialists will talk with patients about these choices, and they can include inserting fasteners into the jawline. This process is usually not painful at all. A local anesthetic will ensure that the patient feels nothing.

Healing from the implants can take a few weeks. Patients may experience some slight pain then, but they will be prescribed medication to deal with the pain as they heal.

After the initial procedure, the doctors will advise patients as to what kinds of foods they can eat, how to take care of their dental implants and how long the healing process should take. Patients should follow instructions implicitly, otherwise, they could damage their implants or gums and need to come back in for further surgeries.

About Clear Choice

Clear Choice is recognized as a leader in dental implant surgery. The number of options they offer and the quality of service they are known for makes them a good choice for discerning consumers.

Customer reviews for the company and their services have been generally positive. But like any health care provider, it is a good idea to do some research first before getting involved with them and having them perform any services. Those needing tooth replacements and dental implants should find out about the specialists and surgeons who will be working on them.

Consumers should know that Clear Choice, as one of the most in-demand dental implant services in the country, is constantly booked far ahead. So it may be impossible to get an appointment right away. Because the consultation is free, it is a good idea to book that consultation as soon as possible, then deice later if you actually want to go with Clear Choice for your dental implants.