Do It Yourself Veneers – Removable Veneers For Your Teeth

To have porcelain veneers fitted, multiple dental visits are required to prepare your teeth and have the veneers themselves applied. For those looking for a quicker alternative, instant veneers can generally be fitted in a single visit and produce largely similar results.

If you’re looking to avoid the dentist altogether, DIY veneers are quickly becoming a viable temporary alternative to having veneers fitted. They involve the creation of a custom-made set of removable veneers that are designed to fit over the patient’s existing teeth. The veneers, much like dentures, can be worn as required and removed when they are not.


Do it Yourself veneers can be ordered online from a number of manufacturers. They will send you out a mould kit with which to take an impression of your existing teeth, after which you return the impression. They will then manufacture the veneers in the dental lab based on your chosen colour and shape, and send them to you within a couple of weeks.

While these DIY veneers (also known as press on veneers) are ideal for those who wish to look their best for a particular occasion (such as a wedding or a business event) they are by no means a real alternative to permanent veneers. They should be treated in a similar way as dentures – worn through the day and removed and cleaned in the evenings.

They can last for a couple of years if they are used on a regular basis, providing they are properly cared for, and can be a great way of improving your smile on a temporary basis. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of between 3 and 12 months, so if you have issues with the product in the early stages you can usually get a replacement or a refund.

‘No dentist’ veneers are far less expensive than porcelain or composite veneers, but you don’t have the same permanent improvement to your smile. If you have a particularly bad dental phobia, or permanent veneers are currently outside of your budget, then they can be useful as a short term option. Ultimately though you’ll still have the same natural teeth which will need to be improved.

There are various other alternatives to veneers that can improve your smile on a more permanent basis for a fraction of the cost. Each come with their own pros and cons, but they may be worth considering as an alternative to DIY clip-on veneers.

Do it yourself veneers cost between £300-£800 from most manufacturers, and the cost will vary depending on the colour and shape of veneers you want. The product is still in relevant infancy, so even more affordable options may be available in the near future.