How Much do Lumineers for Teeth Cost?

It will take you just 2 visits to the dentist’s office to bring out that dazzling smile with Lumineers. Different from traditional veneers, you will not undergo shots, extensive drilling, or those ugly acrylic temporaries. Prior to having your Lumineers finally bonded into place, it is recommended that you first try them on to make sure they are an excellent fit.

Cost Implications

What Lumineers or indeed any other enhancement procedure costs ought not to deter you from finally realising that smile you’ve wanted all those years. To get that perfect smile, it is for sure an important investment as you would be investing in yourself, with rich potential dividends for you in terms of confidence, self-esteem, relationships and career.

And since the Lumineers teeth cost is on average comparable to what it would cost you to get braces or invisible dental aligners such as Invisalign, it becomes easier to get the perfect option for you in terms of your budget and desired outcomes.

How Much Do Lumineers Cost?

On average, based on the requirements of your particular dental case, the cost of Lumineers can range anywhere from £500 to £1,300 per tooth. The treatment cost will be influenced by factors like case difficulty, problem size, and your location. It is important to note that only a Certified Lumineers Dentist has the capacity of truly determining the true cost of your case needs based on your own individual circumstances.

The majority of dentists are offering affordable and flexible monthly payment plans with flexible interest rates, with most not even asking for any down payment. However, in most cases, elective cosmetic dental treatment like Lumineers is not covered by dental insurance. Before, proceeding, confirm with your insurer whether your policy has any coverage for dental veneers as your Lumineers teeth cost would fall under that category.

Other Factors

For the reason that Lumineers is typically a cosmetic procedure, the costs may at times be driven by other forces besides the simple dynamics of demand and supply. For example, your dentist might feel that your expectations and demands could be quite challenging to fulfill. Under such circumstances, your dental expert may decide to hike the cost of your particular case so as to make their trouble worthwhile.

It is important to remember that you are making an investment to last you a lifetime. Therefore, the treatment quality should outweigh any minor variations in cost. As a matter of fact, because Lumineers have been proven to serve you for almost 20 years, it makes sense to invest wisely as little savings could end up being costly in the long run.