A Guide to Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whiting is becoming a popular option as more and more people want to have a great smile. This type of treatment is increasingly available from high street dentists and is also known as power whitening. It is a cosmetic procedure that will help make you feel great about your smile. However it is important to consider the following points before deciding if this type of treatment is right for you.

Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

The main benefit is a great smile with significantly whiter teeth, your teeth won’t be a brilliant shining white but a more natural, pearly white shade. Many people will experience staining as a result of drinking teas, coffee or red wine. Laser treatment helps to restore the natural colour of your teeth making them five or six shades lighter.

Another benefit is that the effects will last up to three years. This figure varies from person to person depending on your age, lifestyle and diet. But laser whitening is longer lasting and more effective than other whitening treatments that are available.

The procedure is fairly fast and easy; The dentist will take about one hour to carry out the treatment. This type of treatment has little or no side effects and is the most effective type of teeth whitening treatment available.

The treatment is very safe, although bleach is used in this procedure dentists make every effort to protect the patient’s mouth, gums and lips.

An Outline of the Procedure

Unlike other types of teeth whitening treatments, laser treatment can only be performed by a professional in a dentist surgery. A strong bleaching gel will be carefully painted onto each tooth. A laser is then shone onto the teeth to create heat and speed up the whitening process.

Due to the high concentration levels of bleach used the laser whitening process will produce dramatic and long-lasting results. AS the bleach is so strong the dentist will take many precautions in order to protect patients’ lips, gums and mouth from damage.
Rubber dams will be used to cover the gums as well as check retractors to keep the sides of your mouth away from the gel. These make the treatment very safe.

The treatment works so well because a combination of bleach and heat is used to remove any old and unwanted staining. Laser whitening is a relatively new procedure. Modern technologies have been developed to make it very fast and efficient and this is paving the way for future dental treatments.

Things to keep in mind when considering a laser whitening treatment

Costs vary from dentist to dentist and laser whitening treatments are often more expensive than other forms of whitening.

Not everyone can have a laser whitening treatment; the teeth need to be in good condition and the dentist should do a dental examination before recommending treatment. Laser treatment might not work for everyone, the teeth’s enamel can also be stain by antibiotics. This type of staining is a lot harder to remove, with laser whitening only removing 10% of the stains. Laser whitening is more effective in removing food stains. Also the success of the treatment and how long it lasts will depend on many factors. If you drink large quantities of tea and coffee, alcohol or smoke teeth will become stained again quicker then if you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes teeth can become more sensitive after undertaking a whitening treatment, this is often only temporary and a number of specialised tooth pasts are available to help with this problem. Your dentist can advise you on self-care or any follow-up treatments that may be available.

Overall laser whitening is a good option for many people as it’s a fast and effective treatment with results being long-lasting.

How Much Do Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Cost?

TypeApproximate price
Laser whitening£500 - £1500
LED whitening£200 - £1000
Professional bleaching£150 - £700