How Much Does KoR Teeth Whitening Cost?

A whole range of factors can affect the appearance and colour of your teeth. Genetics, certain illnesses, poor oral hygiene, and ageing can all result in a less than sparkling, white smile. What we eat and drink also has a significant impact on the colour and brightness of teeth – a lifetime of consuming red wine, coffee, tea, or candy can leave your teeth looking far from pearly white.

Fortunately, there are many excellent teeth-whitening systems on the market, and in this article we’ll be reviewing an increasingly popular choice – KoR Whitening. Read on to find out more about this product, including the pros and cons and typical price.

What is KoR Whitening?

KoR is a teeth-whitening process that uses a peroxide-based gel which works to remove stains and brighten teeth. No doubt this sounds very similar to many other teeth-whitening products, but KoR has some unique characteristics that make it one of the most effective treatments out there.


Firstly, the dental tray used in the whitening process is custom moulded to the patient’s teeth. This seals saliva (which breaks down peroxide) out of the tray, and minimises leakage of the bleaching agent, allowing for 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity compared to only around 30 minutes in many other systems.

All teeth-whitening gels are chemically unstable, so if not kept at a constant cool temperature, they can be rendered less effective. However, the peroxide gel used in the KoR process is kept refrigerated from the point of manufacture, ensuring that the active ingredients in the gel do not degrade as a result of temperature changes during transport or while in storage.

KoR is also less likely to cause the sensitivity problems which are sometimes associated with other teeth-whitening systems. The gels used in the KoR process contain desensitising agents that work by covering the exposed dentin tubules in your teeth. This prevents the bleach from entering them and causing sensitivity and pain.


As the KoR whitening system requires the use of custom-moulded trays, it’s necessary to see a dentist to have these made.

Due to the necessarily tight fit of the trays, some patients report a little pain when inserting them.

The KoR teeth-whitening system is more advanced than many of its competitors, this, coupled with the required visit to a dentist, leads to a significantly higher price than a lot of other teeth bleaching products.

The gel used in the system is not designed to whiten dental veneers, fillings, or crowns. This can sometimes result in the affected teeth looking slightly blotchy.

How Much Does KoR Whitening Cost?

The cost of KoR Whitening can vary quite substantially based on your dentist’s location and level of experience. KoR also offers a variety of treatments to help patients deal with different degrees of tooth discolouration, and these products range in price accordingly. With all that said, the typical price range for the KoR Whitening system is £450 – £700.

Alternatives to KoR Whitening

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