Are Dental Veneers Safe?

One of the more popular cosmetic dental procedures is dental veneers. These provide an instant smile adjustment, giving patients a beautiful, bright smile in just moments.

Out of the many dental procedures used to enhance smiles, dental veneers are one of the safest. There is no recovery time at all, as patients can even drive themselves home after the procedure is done. If they were sedated, then they may need to take a few hours for the sedation to wear off, but otherwise, they should suffer no problems that require time to heal.

Yet there are some health concerns about veneers. With so many people having the procedure done, some isolated reports are appearing that state that there are problems associated with the procedure and that it is dangerous to undergo.

The fact is that is some risk involved. It is minimal to be sure, but dental patients still need to be aware of those risks before they commit to the procedure.

The most common risk is that of trying to have any dental procedure done on teeth and gums that are not healthy. It’s one thing to cover up unsightly teeth, but when teeth look unpleasant due to poor health, it can mean that veneers are not an acceptable treatment method.

Keep in mind that veneers provide no health benefit to the patent. They may make them feel better about themselves, but they won’t actually prevent or treat any medical condition.

There is also the risk that teeth will be very sensitive for several weeks folioing the procedure. If this occurs, then the procedure probably was not done properly. With so many dentists practicing dental veneer placement, it can be easy for some of them to slip up or to forgo the proper training for this in-demand procedure. That can lead to botched procedures and patients who feel miserable because their veneers were not placed on properly.

Now, improper placement of the veneer can be fixed by having them reset, but patients should try to have them done by someone other than the dentist who botched the job in the first place. To prevent the risk of this kind of thing happening, consumers can be cautious about who they ask to place their veneers for them.

They can also reduce their risks by taking good care of their teeth before and after the veneers are placed. If they eat food that is too hard, such as caramel apples, hard candy and other very hard substances, then they can damage the veneers and their teeth. Regular brushing and flossing is also important to protect the teeth and gums.

In some cases, removal of the enamel during the veneer treatment can cause teeth sensitivity. If you believe you have very sensitive teeth, you may ask the dental professional to go with a no-prep treatment that requires very little enamel removal. But for the most part, dental veneers are extremely safe and you should have nothing to worry about.