Do Porcelain Veneers Stain?

Porcelain veneers are designed to fit over existing teeth and give your mouth an amazing smile. They cover up teeth that are damaged or discolored. But they can also stain over time if you are not careful with them. Here is some information about veneers and what can be done to keep them from staining.

Veneers and Staining

Veneers are coated with a stain-resistant resin. This is going to prevent most stains from occurring to the veneers over time. But if you eat hard foods or cause damage to the resin, then it will make the veneers more susceptible to staining over time.

There are some people who will tell you that veneers never stain, but once that coat of resin is gone, they are as easily stained as any natural teeth. The resin is not permanent. So while it is safe to say that veneers should not stain for a while, general wear and tear on them is going to make them stain more easily in time.

Even if your veneers do not stain, you still have to be careful about your other surrounding teeth staining. If all of your other teeth are stained or discolored and your veneers are very white, then they won’t look natural and it will be obvious that you have veneers in your mouth.

How to Prevent Staining

The average person does quite a few things to cause their teeth and their veneers to stain. Basically, whatever would cause your teeth to stain also runs the risk of staining your veneers.

The major things to avoid for whiter teeth and veneers are tea, coffee and smoking. Tea and coffee may not be so bad if you drink them through a straw. That way you can ensure the liquid mostly bypasses the teeth. This is a good way to deal with red wine as well, since it can stain the veneers too. Smoking should just be avoided altogether, as there is no safe way to do it, and that’s not just referring to staining.

You should also try to brush your teeth as soon as you can after eating. If you are eating out, you can at least rinse your mouth out. When you brush your teeth, be sure not to use whitening paste. This can be quite abrasive and wear down your veneers and remove the resin.

Also, be careful about what food you are eating. Acidic foods such as lemons, hot sauces, and very sugary foods are not only bad for your teeth, but they wear down the anti-staining resin quickly and make it easier for your veneers to stain.

Any very hard foods, such as hard candies or crunchy foods should be eaten with care. These can not only damage the veneers but also chip away at the resin.

Your veneers shod unto stain for a long time, but eventually they probably will. You can keep them from staining for a long time, however, if you follow the guidelines listed above.